Realigning with my values; Elijah McClain Protest

Thousands gather in front of the Aurora Municipal Center to protest the brutal killing of Elijah McClain

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”
– Brene Brown
Annually, I retreat for a few days to reflect on my values, my goals, and where I stand in accordance with myself. This year, I realized I am out of alignment with those values. As a result, I began to realign with myself. The first step? Showing up to an Elijah McClain protest.


The first step was research, and so was born my “Say Their Names || An Anthology” series. While its purpose is to share what I'm learning, the primary goal is that I learn more about the circumstances of each of the deaths.

Moving Beyond Couch Activism

The second step was to move beyond my couch. I emailed my politicians about SB 217, and I'm happy that it passed. I publish my Instagram posts and write my blog. And as a non-disabled human with time and energy to show up for what I believe in, I need to do more.

So here I am, letting myself be seen. I proudly walked amongst the thousands who marched for Elijah McClain yesterday. As a native Coloradoan, I would never have imagined that many people would show up for Black Lives Matter.

My sister, who has been such an inspiration for me, asked my partner and me what other protests we've attended. I found myself embarrassed to say I've only ever participated in rallies or vigils.

Without even realizing it, I'd lost my voice.

Well, no matter where it was that my voice was stolen, I'm here to reclaim it.

Elijah McClain Protest

So on Thursday, June 25, 2020, when the DA initially assigned to Elijah McClain's case defended his decision not to bring criminal charges to those who murdered McClain, I asked my sister if she'd go with me and invited my husband to join. We marched.

We showed up.
And I used my voice to scream in response to the call, “SAY HIS NAME!”


Your community needs you to SHOW UP! Get involved.


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