Do You Know Why the Heart Beats?

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Do you know why the heart beats?
The purpose for that which we hold so close
To our chests?

The heart exists to pump, hammer, pound, beat,
Move a force through our veins,
and give breadth to the body.

That which moves air to our lungs,
Facilitates the oxygen exchange.

Why does the heart beat?
To give us Breath.
To push it through a red river,
deliver it to the hungry cells
that make our body move.

The first concern when leaving the womb?
“Has baby taken a breath?”

The first check during triage?
Airway. Breathing. Circulation.

The last concern when pinning a man down with your knee?
Can this black man breathe?

With breath we can
Speak. Agree. Oppose.
Fight. Love. Lie.
Feed, Blow, Grow.
Run. Search. Find your breath.
Experience our world, live our life.

And you take this from us.
With your silence.

Life cannot exist without breath.
If we have a right to live,
Then we have a right to fill our lungs with air and let in Life.

When does the heart fail?
With last words,”I can't breathe.”
Out of sadness, she stops.

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