3 Months Later… I Love being an Amazon EHS Manager

My friends (EHS pros & otherwise) were a little more than skeptical when I took this job – Amazon is not treated kindly by the media – and I know I've fallen off the social channels, so you may be wondering how my new role has been. For anyone who has wondered what working for Amazon EHS is like, I thought I'd share an overview of my experience at Amazon thus far.

tl;dr: I am so incredibly happy here. I've had my fair share of amazing (& not so amazing) jobs, and this absolutely takes the cake.

— More Deets Please —

Like any job, there are challenges, but unlike anywhere else I've worked, there are opportunities and expectations to solve those challenges and continue to improve. The commitment to data-driven decision-making energizes me on a daily basis.

My favorite part is easily the people I work with. I serve both an amazing population of Associates and an incredible team of EHS professionals. Amazon demonstrates its commitment to “Hire and Develop the Best” every day. This week, I met about 30 of my peers and I was absolutely blown away by their caliber. They care deeply about their Associates & their teammates. The wealth of drive, knowledge, and passion among my peers is inspiring.






Something that's particularly striking to me is that I have never worked with such a diverse group of people before this company (diversity in many senses… gender, race, orientation, nationality, ability & other identities). These differences encourage us to challenge each other, “Have Backbone; Disagree [with each other] and Commit” to our collective goal. The diverse approaches and backgrounds allow us to “Insist on the Highest Standards” and “Deliver Results”. This has been one of the most beautiful things Amazon has brought to my life.

I have had some of the best managers I've ever had. They are both supportive and simultaneously raise the bar to help us become our best selves. They are happy to give candid feedback and expect us to “Learn and Be Curious” every day. I know that they care about me and my development and I happen to know that's a pretty amazing trait to have in a manager.

Safety Culture

As far as the Safety Culture is concerned, I think Amazon is taking its commitment to being earth's most safety-centric company seriously. It is the kind of organization that I am so excited to be a part of, as we have an opportunity to make waves in our industry, and we're tackling that opportunity with the drive & resources I have only ever dreamed of.

I could go on and on, but for brevity's sake, suffice it to say I am thankful to be a part of this ever-growing and changing organization.

We work hard, have fun and make history every day.

Come join us! We are hiring all over the country. I anticipate a couple of EHS Specialist positions in Denver over the next several months/year, and several of my amazing peers will have positions as well. We will also have several EHS Manager positions all over the country. If you are interested, please feel free to reach out to me with questions!!

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